Safety Hazards to Exercise

Sweet Harvest Slot_usda_Safety both on and off the farm is critical to the survival of your farm. Whether you have several thousand acres or an urban farm, there are precautions which need to be followed. Although many of these are for the end user’s benefit there are many to protect you.

Ensure your buyer is ready to accept and collect your harvest. They should be waiting to take it away as you are cutting or picking. If left in the field, mold and fungus will begin to form and your crop could be deteriorate to the point of being unsaleable. If your product requires refrigeration to maintain the quality, have these appliances check regularly.


Platinum Play_120_240Check your equipment, whether it is a tractor or hand tools, is clean. Avoid cross contamination at all costs. These should be stored in a clean area away from domestic and farm animals.

Use pest and rodent repellents or traps to keep your seeds and animal feeds free from infestation.

Provide safety equipment, these include such things as safety glasses, helmets, boots, and gloves. Providing these is beneficial for safety of your workers but also shows you have practiced due diligence which will keep you from being sued if an accident should happen.