The Farmers!

Hi, I’m Jeff and together with my friend Alan we decided to set up Diamond Produce to help farmers work smarter. Alan and I met in college in the campus bar. I was studying agriculture and he was studying business marketing. Alan had been raised on a farm and knew better marketing and information was needed.

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the farmersWe wanted to make a website which brought information to farmers and food producers in a fun and thoughtful way. We wanted to show examples of how farming in the USA whether on a large scale or smaller homestead could be crafted into a profitable lifestyle choice. We have traveled to many countries looking at alternative ways, both traditional and modern methods of improving outputs and quality. Farming is a bit like online gambling (if you want to try actual online gambling, go to, with factors such as the weather and market prices – we want to give you enough information to be able to minimize risk and grow your best crops!

This website is a culmination of what we found. We want to bring the passion back into farming and make it a viable career choice for people again. Both of us know that behind everything on the supermarket shelf stands a farmer, who, with pride and dedication has gone out into his fields, no matter what the weather to deliver the best produce possible.

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We are based in an agriculture area of Iowa and local farms who are part of our program proudly supply the best restaurants and food chains in the area, such as  Our mission is to get back to the grassroots level of farming. Although farming has changed with the addition of mechanization there are many small homesteads who still bring their crops to market the old fashion way. They are the backbone of a small but growing food movement and Alan and I are here to support them with advice and guidance.