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tomato harvestAs we are all becoming aware, there is an ever-increasing concern in our industry as to food safety.  Realizing the extreme importance of this subject for our entire industry I wanted to address this topic and point out the steps and the investment that Diamond Produce has put into the effort to provide the cleanest and safest product of any supplier. Diamond is very proud of being a leader in this segment from day one and continuing to stay out front on new developments and methods. We take extraordinary steps towards risk reduction to prevent contamination.

Froot-Loot-Online-SlotBy serving on the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Assn.’s council for Product and Quality Assurance for a number of years, I became aware of the latest problems, concerns and issues long before they become commonplace.  This insight translates into producing informed and calculated solutions–as opposed to just throwing the dice as if we were gambling at cdncasino.ca and hoping for the best–earlier than others and is constantly reinforced by attending county, state and national food safety seminars each year in order to stay ahead.  This investment of our time and money means a cleaner, safer product for you and in turn for your customers.  This effort keeps us updated on new procedures, requirements, innovations, trends and methods as well as outbreaks, media events and consumer scares and how to best address all of these items.


Diamond is proud of its reputation for quality, integrity and resourcefulness as the only independent supplier of bulk bin products.  We are also proud of having built a reputation in the area of food safety before others became aware of the importance of this subject.  Our program draws from all published guidelines as well as our own expertise.  Applicable steps have been incorporated from the following sources and put into practice in our program:

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250250 GrandParker Casino Banner·        Good Management Practices Guidelines

·        Good Agricultural Practices Guidelines

·        USDA Guide To Minimize Microbial Safety Hazards

·        USDA Quality Through Verification Requirements

·        Voluntary Food Safety Guidelines For Fresh Produce (IFPA & WGA)

Programs can be set up on a custom basis for any needs you or your customers may require.  We can meet individually to determine those needs, tailor the program and determine the costs involved in reaching the threshold of testing and verification that you might need.  Our office complex also houses one of the leading companies performing food safety testing of produce for our industry and that gives us an edge in rapid response to your needs.  In our normal course of operation I will here identify the main areas of concern and the steps we take to address those concerns as a matter of everyday procedure.