What You Need To Know

strawberry farmingHarvesting at the correct time will be dependent on your type of crop, suitable weather and your experience in determining the perfect picking time. Organize your labor force early to guarantee you get the best people. It is worth paying a bit more to know that you are dealing with competent people who know their job. They have a pride in their work and it shows. If you require multiple hand pickers, advertise on college student boards. Your laborers, and the speed at which they work, can mean the difference between a profit and a loss.

Source your market well before your crop is ready to harvest. This means security for both parties as you have your buyer and they are assured quality produce.

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beckley harvestingIf your crop is an early producer, such as a different variety which matures before others, expect to command a higher price on the open market. The earlier your ripened crop hits the shelves, they higher the price and the faster you get paid.

Explore the opportunity to plant dual crops. Often many crops can co-habit together easily. If you have an orchard for example, a ground crop such as zucchini will reduce evaporation from the soil, keep the orchard roots protected and bring in extra revenue from a second crop.